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Set boundaries - You are allowed to say no.

Society says we have to go to all the activities - set boundaries and decide which things are most important to you and only go to those.

Don't put pressure on yourself to do everything and feeling stressed out.

Saying NO to lots of things, allows you to say YES to the right things.
Goodnotes has changed my life!!

That may sound dramatic but holy moly is Goodnotes and my iPad a game changer in life and business!

I used to have lots of different notebooks and sticky notes everywhere (who can relate to that haha!)

I would forget things, I would lose things, I would feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Then I moved to Goodnotes. Because I LOVE the act of writing still (and I can't type fast enough during client calls) I found the ipad and Goodnotes app that have allowed me to still "write notes" but have everything in 1 iPad instead of 17 notebooks.

It also backs everything up to my Google Drive which is AH MAZING in case something ever happened to my device.

If you are still doing the stick notes, backs of envelopes and 17 notebooks, what is holding you back from going to a digital notebook?