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Ditch the busywork, increase your income, and run your business more efficiently! Strategy, Systems, and Support for Entrepreneurs who want to Stop the Hustle!!


This is a community that reflects the BCO core values (Service, Integrity, Simplicity/Efficiency, Dedication/Motivation, Balance)

01 - Kindness is always key. -This IS a safe place to talk business, strategy, systems, organization, and more! Be sure to be kind to all members and help each other rise up!

02 - There are no stupid tech or systems questions! Tech is hard. It holds a lot of us back. ASK ALL THE TECH QUESTIONS!

03 - Promote accordingly. We get it, you have a business (so do we!) and it's super important to scream about it on the rooftops - and we totally make the space for you to do that, but don't be weird and post your promos & spam away.

04 - Show up with an open mind, ready to learn! There might be a lot of things you know about business but if you're open to learning more, getting motivated and being a true member of this community be prepared to learn new things!



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