Here it is! My Content Batching Process. The process that allows me to create an entire months worth of content in less than 3 hours! 1 - Determine your visibility plan. When, how often and where are you posting? This tells you how much content you actually need to create! For example here is our visibility plan: We post daily Mon-Fri on Instagram Posts (that are shared to Facebook) and Daily Mon-Fri on Instagram Stories We do an Instagram Live weekly (or try to!) and we send 2 emails per week on Tuesday and Thursday 2 - Now that you know what days you post, you need to map out high level what ALL of your posts will be about. Write down all the dates you need to post and give it a topic. 3 - Now that you know the topics, go into Canva (or your favorite graphic software) and create ALL the graphics at the same time based on your outline. 4 - Now it's time to write ALL of your posts at the same time. Grab a google doc, take your outlined topics and write the posts. 5 - And its time to schedule! Use your favorite scheduling app (ours is tailwind) and schedule these posts out for the week or month! There you have it. Now I can BATCH my content creation on a day that I am feeling creative (instead of trying to feel creative every day) and have content scheduled for the entire month.... (More)