Most people lose about 28% of their day or 2.1 hours a day to constant interruptions. One of those top interuptions. YOUR EMAIL INBOX.

Raise your hand if you leave your email open all day everyday and as you are working on a task and an email comes in, your attention is taken and you go down a rabbit hole. We have all done it.

But there is a better way! First you have to get your email under control. Here is our 5 step Inbox Detox Process to help with that.

Delete - Set a timer and spend 30-60 minutes deleting all unneeded emails.

Discourage - Sign up for something like to "unsubscribe" to emails.

Delegate - If you do not need to take action and someone else does- delegate that and get it out of your inbox.

Deadline - Does your email have a task with a deadline? Get it out of your inbox and into a task management system or calendar. Document - Create a SIMPLE folder system. Business, Financial, Clients, Personal, Kids etc. Do not create subfolder within subfolder within subfolder.

Once you have repeated this process and your email is under control, TURN OFF YOUR EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS. And condition yourself to only check your email 2-3 times per day. It sounds crazy but I cannot tell you how much more I get done without the constant distraction.